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  • BIT(BIT_Varying) Result is different in JDBC, CCI, and CSQL [7]
    I am developing CCI based application and my test includes using BIT type. I inserted B'110' into a column however the result in CCI, JDBC shows X'60' and CSQL does X'6'. I think CSQL only shows a correct value, however both CUBRID Manager and my CCI Application...
  • CM returns: "-2003 Cannot communicate with broker" [98]
    I am using CUBRID Manager with CUBRID 2008 R2.2 version engine. When I trying to connect to a DB, I have encountered an error message as "-2003 Cannot communicate with broker". How can I do?
  • How can you get the transaction isolation level in CUBRID ? [160]
    Hello, I tried running the command "GET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL;" in CUBRID Manager and Python Driver. I followed the example below: Instead of getting the result, in Python Driver I ob...
  • Creating multiple tables using CUBRID Manager [97]
    I'm using CUBRID Manager I right-click on a database and select New Query Editor. I then paste the following SQL -- Create the ART Repository, version 2.3 -- IMPORTANT: -- after running this script, ALSO RUN the tables_xxx.sql script for your database (f...
  • How to edit data in CUBRID Manager [16]
    Hi! How does one edit rows in table using CUBRID Manager? Of course I can use SQL "UPDATE" statement, but I want to do this with GUI. For Microsoft SQL Server I have Management Studio where it is possible to use "Edit top xx rows" function. I haven't found anyt...
  • What is cub_js process for? [5]
    I noticed that when CUBRID Service is started there are many processes launched as well. Among them one was interesting for me. What is cub_js process for?
  • How can I set CUBRID Manager to open in Full screen mode? [66]
    I am using CM for Mac. I could not find any configuration options to force CM to open in full screen mode. I use CM every day and I am tired to manually click on + icon to change the window to full screen. Is there a way to set this in preferences?
  • How does CUBRID Manager store password? [42]
    When connecting to a host or to a database CM offers to save the entered passwords. How does it store them? In plain text? Or? How safe it is to allow it to save the password?
  • CUBRID Query Plan [6]
    I would like to understand better the Query Plan execution displayed in CUBRID manager. Where can I find more information about interpreting the output?
  • Starting CUBRID Database [6]
    Why do I need to login first to a database and start it only after in CUBRID Manager? Is this because of CUBRID's design ?