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nGrinder 3.3 provides more than 40 REST APis. Initially they were developed to run nGrinder as infrastructure. Recently one of the our partners started to create the gaming cloud and they wanted to run nGrinder but using their own UI. nGrinder 3.3 REST APIs supports this scenario. Our REST API set allows the other system to control full range of nGrinder features including User Management, Agent Management, Script Management, Performance Test Management. and even System Configuration.

You can see the REST API/QuickStart first to see the how it works generally.

URL and Method

nGrinder REST APIs are generally provided “/api” post fix of each available URLs. For example, the perf test related URL are started with http://hostname/perftest/, and the REST API URL for perf test starts with http://hostname/perftest/api/
When {id} is added at the end of path like http://hostname/perftest/api/10 which means that “do sth on the element having the specified id”. Depending on what HTTP method is used, the URL acts the different job.

URL HTTP Method Description
http://hostname/{topic}/api/ GET Get the list of element
http://hostname/{topic}/api?ids={id,id} GET Get the given element
http://hostname/{topic}/api/{kind}?ids={id,id} GET Get the specific information of the given elements
http://hostname/{topic}/api/{id} GET Get the element
http://hostname/{topic}/api/{id}/{kind} GET Get the specific information of the given element
http://hostname/{topic}/api/ POST Create the element
http://hostname/{topic}/api/{id} PUT Modify the element
http://hostname/{topic}/api?ids={id,id} PUT Modify the given elements
http://hostname/{topic}/api?action={action}&ids={id,id} PUT Do some action for the given elements
http://hostname/{topic}/api/{id}?action={action} PUT Do some action for the given element
http://hostname/{topic}/api/{id} DELETE Delete the element
http://hostname/{topic}/api?ids={id,id} DELETE Delete the given elements


To use nGrinder REST API, it should be authenticated using HTTP Basic Auth. For example, when accessing the current perf test list through REST APIs, you can call APIs like below.

# when using curl
curl --user admin:admin http://ngrinder-hostname/perftest/api
# when using wget
wget --http-user=admin --http-passwd=admin http://ngrinder-hostname/perftest/api


When calling APIs, the parameter can be passed as well. For example, when you get the perf test list using

# get the second page of the perf test when the each page size is 10

With GET method, you can provide page and size parameter so that the given number of perf test list can be retrieved. When using DELETE method, the parameters should be provided as URL parameters. For POST, PUT, you should send them as the form variables.

API Detailed Description

You can find detailed description for the each APIs.

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