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Recorder Installation


  • nGrinder Recorder can run in Windows / OS X / Linux because it is implemented in Java. At least you requires followings to run nGrinder Recorder.
    • Java Runtime (over 1.6)
    • GUI enabled env (not supporting headless OS)
  • However, Some major features of nGrinder Recorder can work in Windows due to some bugs in internal components.
    We’ll continue to work to make some disabled features work in the other OS. 


  • Currently nGrinder Recorder is provided in the form of java webstart.  You can install it just by double-clicking thd downloaded jnlp file from URL in the browser.
  • Then the following warning message will show up. 
  • Check “Always trust content from the publisher” and click Run. nGrinder Recorder requires full permission in your PC because the underlying JXBrowser requires it.
  • Then..  If your PC’s firewall monitors the port opening, the security alert message may come up. You should allow nGrinder Recorder to open the port appropriately.
  • If you can see the following window, You’re ready to use nGrinder Recorder. 
  • Copy the downloaded jnlp file into somewhere in your desktop to run nGrinder next time.


  • Just like nGrinder Controller and Agent, nGrinder Recorder uses the configuration in the ${user.home}/.ngrinder_recorder folder.  You can open recorder.conf file to configure followings. However it's not necessary.
    key value
    recorder.additional.headers The recorder only records the limited set of headers. If you want to record more headers, you can specify this value with header names separated by comma. Check the detailed info here.
    keystore.password A user can provide the same certificate which is used already for the webserver HTTPS communication.  A user should locates the keystore in the ${user.home}/.ngrinder_recorder/keystore file. Then specify the password of this keystore here.
    keystore.type A user can specify the keystore type. The default value is jks.
Then go to Recorder Quick Start for your first recording.
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