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v3.1 development features


In version 3.1, the following features will be implementde:

  • Controller clustering

modify The controller to support clustering, to make it support more agents, and to provide more stability.

  • Region support.

Provide the region factor for agent and controller, and controller can only assign a test to agents within the same region.

  • User share.

User can share his/her permissions with some other users, enabling the other users to login under his/her ID and check results or perform some tests.

The following are the issues in JIRA, for which solutions have been requested by QA.


Issue Id

Issue desc.


New NGRINDER-289 Test Compare feature In a test list page, provide a function to allow to user to check 2 tests to compare.
Improvement NGRINDER-256 Check the script validation before running a test on this script Add a validation result on script properties, and check the property before the user runs the test on that script.
Improvement NGRINDER-248 Test configuration editing is not convenient  Finished in 3.0
Improvement NGRINDER-247 TestName/ScriptName/FolderName/UserName format Finished in 3.0.
New NGRINDER-243 Export chart Current jqPlot doesn’t provide the function to export chart as picture. We need to check whether or not we can do it with jqplot. Otherwise,  we can do it on the server side in java.
Improvement NGRINDER-229 If set run_counts, it will be fine if display real-time run_count on Running_page Add a field like “Finished Run” beside the “Run Count” field.
Defect NGRINDER-188 Unapproved/Approved can be used for check machine status when there are 2 or more agents on same machine Need to add a member like “ID” for any agent instance. Currently, we only process agent approal/unapproval with IP.
New NGRINDER-147 3.0 an existed Test and related Script_Sources should be permitted to be shared by different user We will implement a “User Share” function.
New NGRINDER-112 3.0 not support .zip file unload and unzip function Will not be provided
New NGRINDER-102 3.0 only can upload 1 script once a time Will not be provided.
Improvement NGRINDER-85 Make target monitor port is configrable. Make it configurable.
New NGRINDER-67 Test default option page in Admin menu. Add a related page, and modify the related logic to obtain this configuration.


In addition to these, we will also add some new functions:

  • share script function

Provide a page for all sample and shared scripts, so user can share his/her script there, and can also create a new script from one that is shared.

  • Other

Some other simple but necessary functions will also be added.

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