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nGrinder 3.3 Release Note

nGrinder 3.3 is the major release including several new features. You should upgrade both agent and controller to 3.3 version to enjoy the new features. Special Thanks to Colin Main.

1. Release Info

  • Version : 3.3
  • Release Date : 2014.02.14

2. Changes


  • One single executable package
    • Admins can run nGrinder controller using the following command.
      java -XX:MaxPermGen:200m -jar ngrinder-controller-X.X.war
    • nGrinder controller war file became the self-executable and Tomcat mount is supported as well. Admins can download agents and monitors from the controller and  users can download private agents and monitors from the controller. The downloaded agent/monitor packages already contains the pre-defined configuration  to connect the controller from which they are downloaded, so that no agent configuration is necessary.
      See new Installation Guide
  • No more controller-agent connection problem
    • Previously nGrinder controller was bound to only one IP among all available IPs in the single machine.
      Sometimes this made it difficult to run nGrinder in which the internal and external IP are separated.(such as EC2)
    • Now nGrinder controller is bound to all available IPs in the OS to listen all connection requests such as agent connection, cluster member discovery, web connections so that the less connection error will be occurred.
    • Even IP6 are fully supported.
  • Easier command line options
    • The controller and agents now have the detailed command line interface. Please run with -h when executing them to see the available options. Even multiple agent and controller executions in a single machine have become very easy.
    • See Controller command line options and Agent command line Options.
  • Agent automatic update
    • Now agents can be upgradable by clicking "Update" button in the controller's agent management page.
      See Agent auto update
  • Very small monitor package(<5MB)
  • Thread Ramp-Up
    • The underlying "The Grinder" engine supports only per process ramp up, but not thread ramp up. nGrinder has enhanced The Grinder engine to support the thread ramp up as well so that more smooth ramp up can be performed.
    • See How to Ramp Up by Thread
  • Full REST APIs.
    • A user and admin can call the REST APIs to manage tests and scripts. The REST APIs includes user and agent management API as well for the admin user.
    • See REST APIs
  • L4 simulation by custom DNS rotation.
    • A user can map multiple IPs into a single DNS name in the target host configuration so that whenever the DNS name and ip resolution is requested, the agent resolves DNS name into the random IP.
    • Check out L4 simulation
  • SVN 1.8 Support and user switch support
    • Underlying SVNKit has been upgraded to 1.8.3 version so that 1.8 SVN client works well
    • Fix the access deny issue when followers access the other's SVN.
  • More consistent configuration keys.
  • The user self sign-up
    • The new user can sign up by himself/herself. The admin doesn't need to care about the user registration anymore.
    • See User Sign Up
  • Easier default configuration
    • By default, Agents are now automatically approved when they connect to the controller.
    • By default, Script console is disabled by default to reduce the unnecessary complexity.
    • By default, Email and Mobile phone number fields in the user creation page is not mandatory.
  • More consistent plugin interfaces
  • Groovy as a the first-citizen.
    • Groovy was upgraded to 2.2.1 version and became the first citizen of nGrinder.
  • Custom test report plugins support
    • Some plugins will be provided soon such as JVMMonitor.
  • In addition, several UI improvements.


  • NGRINDER-679 - Support intellij
  • NGRINDER-680 - Make test parameter removable
  • NGRINDER-681 - Fix NullPointerException while getting monitor data
  • NGRINDER-684 - Fix typo errors
  • NGRINDER-694 - Make unit tests work again
  • NGRINDER-695 - Make the Initial process recognized in ramp up settings
  • NGRINDER-700 - ; in URL should be changed to _ when creating an script
  • NGRINDER-705 - Fix user deletion failure
  • NGRINDER-706 - Fix the agent resolution bug with regions having same prefix
  • NGRINDER-707 - Provide the attached agent list in healthcheck messages
  • NGRINDER-714 - Clean up intellij warning
  • NGRINDER-715 - Fix the incorrect svn author property bug when editing files in controller
  • NGRINDER-716 - Make Asian languages correctly shown in the agent log
  • NGRINDER-719 - Fix unrecognized user svn path error when creating a user with not trimmed user id
  • NGRINDER-723 - Cache expiration is necessary when the user's followers are changed
  • NGRINDER-724 - SVN access from followers is denied


New Feature


3. OS, DBMS supports

  • Linux, Windows, Mac OSX is supported.
  • Supports CUBRID, H2 as DB. The default DBMS is H2.

4. Requirements

  • Oracle JDK 1.6 version or above / OpenJDK 1.7.
  • Tomcat 6.X later


6. References

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