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nGrinder 3.2.3 Release Note

nGrinder 3.2.3 is the bug fix and minor enhancement release. This version includes simple REST APIs to automate the test execution and the parameterized test feature.
Special Thanks to Karel Piwko and Egoing.
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1. Release Info

  • Version : 3.2.3
  • Release Date : 2013.10.08

2. Changes


  • Basic web API is supported. A user can call the APIs to clone and start the test using HTTP client such as curl. This is protected by HTTP Basic Auth.
  • Parameterized test is supported. Each test can get a parameter in the test configuration page and scripts can refer it to control its actions.
  • Per-Test statistics are enabled for mean test time and errors as well.
  • Console port is now configurable so that you can use the already opened ports if the network firewall doesn't block them.
  • And several UI improvements are included.


  • NGRINDER-659 - Fix typo errors
  • NGRINDER-668 - Fix wrong test schedule calculation when browser timezone and user specified timezone are different
  • NGRINDER-674 - Show JAVA_HOME env var absent message when running agent as security mode

New Feature



3. OS, DBMS supports

  • Linux, Windows, Mac OSX is supported.
  • Supports CUBRID, H2 as DB. The default DBMS is H2.

4. Requirements

  • Oracle JDK 1.6 version or above / OpenJDK 1.7.
  • Tomcat 6.X later


6. References

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