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nGrinder 3.1.3 Release Note

We're proudly releasing nGrinder 3.1.3 which fixes bugs and enhance the visibility. This is the last version 3.1.X series, we'll work on 3.2 as a next release.. With some bug fix, the following improvements are for the effective operations of nGrinder.

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1. Release Info

  • Version : 3.1.3
  • Release Date : 2013.03.29

2. Changes


  • Now test report can be viewed without login
  • A user can specify the sampling interval to make the graph not to be fluctuated.
  • A user can see the per test TPS chart when the sampling interval is greater than 2.
  • A user can upload and use native libs (so, dll) to reuse existing assets. This is enabled only if the security mode is disabled.
  • A user can provide the any kind of custom values for nGrinder monitor by regularly outputting the GC count and JVM memory usages.
  • A user can upload "dll" or "so" files to run test using native libs. Security mode should be disabled and JNA should be imported for natvie lib access.


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