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How to build nGrinder Recorder using maven

This article is only for nGrinder Recorder commiters. The source code of nGrinder Recorder exists in the public repo in github. However, because we signs all jar files with our own private certificate, we could not make this packagable in the unknown public development enviornment.
  1. create ngrinder recorder folder and move in
    mkdir ngrinder-recorder
    cd ngrinder-recorder
  2. clone the repo.
    git clone
  3. Move to cloned repo and install custom libraris into local maven repo.
    cd ngrinder-recorder
  4. clone the build script repo at the same folder where ngrinder-recorder is cloned. This repo is located in NHN internal repo due to the certificate. If you have no permission yet. Please ask JunHo Yoon a permission.
    cd ..
    git clone ngrinder_recorder_package
  5. Move to ngrinder_recorder_package directory
    cd ngrinder_recorder_package
  6. create keystore
  7. package nGrinder Recorder with code signing.
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