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Easy Clustering Tutorial

From nGrinder 3.3, nGrinder support easy clustering mode which let multiple controller can be run in a single machine. Because they runs in a single machine, the network file system which is used to share the ${NGRINDER_HOME} is not necessary. Please follow the steps below.

Run H2 TCP Server

  1. Download H2 and unzip it.
  2. Run H2 TCP Server
    • bin\h2.bat or bin/

Run Controllers

  1. Run controllers pointing different web/cluster/controller port and region name.
    • java -jar –XX:MaxPermSize=200m –jar ngrinder-controller.war –port 8080 –cm easy –clp 10010 -r region1 –cp 9001
    • java -jar –XX:MaxPermSize=200m –jar ngrinder-controller.war –port 8081 –cm easy –clp 10011 -r region2 –cp 9002
    • java -jar –XX:MaxPermSize=200m –jar ngrinder-controller.war –port 8082 –cm easy –clp 10012 -r region3 –cp 9003
  2. Visit one of the web port and login
  3. And check the region is activated and all regions are up.
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