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Controller Clustering Guide

We enhance nGrinder with cluster mode in its version 3.1 .

If you don’t know about nGrinder cluster, please refer to Cluster Architecture.

As follows is nGrinder cluster mode configuration.  Assuming you have been familiar with nGrinder in Single Mode. As your know all the nGrinder controllers will use the same DB and file system in cluster mode, So what we should do firstly is to run the ${NGRINDER_HOME} on the NAS and all controllers should share this folder. And edit ${NGRINDER_HOME}/system.conf like followings.  

# if you want to enable ngrinder controller clustering. please enable bellow. 
ngrinder.cluster.mode = true

# cache cluster uri of all clustered controller servers.
# only the controller and agents in same region will work together.

# cache cluster listener port.

And secondly creating system-ex.conf under for each controller in ${NGRINDER_EX_HOME} folder. ${NGRINDER_EX_HOME} folder is .ngrinder_ex as default. Not like ${NGRINDER_HOME}, ${NGRINDER_EX_HOME} is not automatically created. and you should make it local system not shared by other controller. Create ${NGRINDER_EX_HOME} folder and put this option into system-ex.conf file

# region setting of this controller.
# When running ngrinder as cluster mode, the ${NGRINDER_HOME} should be shared by multiple controllers.
# We expect this to be done by running ${NGRINDER_HOME} on NFS. 
# However this option is not to set here. Because each controller in cluster must have system-ex.conf 
# which should be stored in ${NGRINDER_EX_HOME} in the local so that each node cluster looks different value.  
# Please locate followings this on the ${NGRINDER_EX_HOME}(by default .ngrinder_ex)/system-ex.conf

After finish this configuration, just restart all nGrinder controllers and login. We will see this icon at headline!


If you want to put the L4 or load balancer in front of all controllers, you should set it up as sticky session so that each client connects only one controller. Otherwise, users may login everytime they access difference controller.

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