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  • nGrinder real deployment in the large organization
    Our company, NHN, has several huge products. One of them is the Korean most popular portal named NAVER having more than 50 million users. Another is "Line" which is one of most popular mobile messengers having more than 90 million users. There are still a number of product...
  • Presentations
    nGrinder 3.0 : Load Test even kids can do written by JunHo Yoon nGrinder_だれもが簡単にできる性能テスト(Japanese) Performance Test with nGrinder written by Mavlarn [Peformance Driven Development by nGrinder] written by JunHo Yoon [nGrinder Real Deployment in the lar...
  • nGrinder : Why we should have developed our own load test tool
  • Peformance Driven Development by nGrinder
    In the many projects, developers usually may not consider much about the various non-functional feature from the start. They frequently focus on functional requirements only and skip the non-functional requirements until the project goes into QA phase. I've seen that a lot o...