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  • nGrinder 3.3 Release Note
    nGrinder 3.3 is the major release including several new features. You should upgrade both agent and controller to 3.3 version to enjoy the new features. Special Thanks to Colin Main. If you want to see more generic product info, please visit ...
  • REST API/User
  • REST API/PerfTest
    APIs URL Method Param / Desc / Required / Default Description perftest/api GET page / Page Number / N / 1 size / Page Size / N / 1 Get the list of perf test perftest/api POST Refer PerfTest model. Create a perf test. If you don’t provide much of perftest model...
  • Easy Clustering Guide
    From nGrinder 3.3, nGrinder support "easy" clustering mode which let multiple controllers run in a single machine. Because they runs in a single machine, no network file system for ${NGRINDER_HOME} is not necessary. The running controllers will work with local ${NGRINDE...
  • Agent Configuration Guide
    This chapter describes the advanced nGrinder agent configuration for nGrinder 3.3 or later. You may not need to read this guide if you run nGrinder for personal use. However if you want to run nGrinder as PAAS, you should read this chapter. Agent Download from Con...
  • Plugin Guide
    [API Change History] [Available Plugins] [How to Develop Plugin]
    nGrinder 3.3 provides more than 40 REST APis. Initially they were developed to run nGrinder as infrastructure. Recently one of the our partners started to create the gaming cloud and they wanted to run nGrinder but using their own UI. nGrinder 3.3 REST APIs supp...
  • Agent Approval
  • Getting Started
    Welcome to nGrinder World! To use nGrinder, you need to install and agents in advance. See [Installation Guide] first. It's really easy. Then you can run sample tests within 1 min. See [Quick Start]
  • Easy Clustering Tutorial
    From nGrinder 3.3, nGrinder support easy clustering mode which let multiple controller can be run in a single machine. Because they runs in a single machine, the network file system which is used to share the ${NGRINDER_HOME} is not necessary. Please follow the steps b...