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  • Plugin Guide
    [API Change History] [Available Plugins] [How to Develop Plugin]
    nGrinder 3.3 provides more than 40 REST APis. Initially they were developed to run nGrinder as infrastructure. Recently one of the our partners started to create the gaming cloud and they wanted to run nGrinder but using their own UI. nGrinder 3.3 REST APIs supp...
  • Naming Convention
  • Process of CUBRID tools development and release_kr
    Process of CUBRID tools development and release CC(Dev. Code Complete) 개발팀에서 해당 milestone에서 개발 혹은 수정하기로 한 모든 태스크를 완료한 상태. 일반적으로 ZAB와 같은 시점으로 잡기도 함. TCC(Test Code Complete) QA팀에서 해당 milestone에서 시험에 사용할 모든 시험 케이스 개...
  • v3.1 development features
    Completed. In version 3.1, the following features will be implementde: Controller clustering modify The controller to support clustering, to make it support more agents, and to provide more stability. Region support. Provide the region factor for agent and controller, and...
  • How to build nGrinder Recorder using maven
    This article is only for nGrinder Recorder commiters. The source code of nGrinder Recorder exists in the public repo in github. However, because we signs all jar files with our own private certificate, we could not make this packagable in the unknown public development ...