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Tadpole Key Features

Tadpole is a very easy to use Web-based SQL Client. The following is a list of key features provided by Tadpole.

  • Intuitive Web interface.
  • Standalone program available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. No installation required. Simply extract and start Tadpole.
  • Can run under Tomcat as well.
  • Provides built-in User Management (Admin, Manager, User).
  • Supports CUBRID, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MSSQL, and MongoDB databases (Cassandra support is coming).
    • Execute any valid SQL query.
    • Export SQL result set to CSV.
    • View Query History.
    • Generate table specific SQL statements (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP...).
    • View and Create Tables, Views, Indexes, Procedures, Functions, and Triggers.
    • SQL Syntax Highlighting.
    • Format SQL (beautify).
    • Convert SQL to Java and PHP code.
    • Generate Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD).

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