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SOFA Statistics CUBRID Ubuntu Tutorial

1. Download the sofastats-*.*.*-1.deb file from

2. Install the deb file using:

sudo dpkg -i sofastats-*.*.*-1.deb
sudo apt-get -f install

3. Install cubrid and cubrid-demodb on Ubuntu (

4. Install python-cubriddb on Ubuntu (

5. Open a terminal and run "sofastats".

6. Select a new Project (Click the Select Project Button)


7. Click on "New" button


8. Type in the Project Settings: Project Name, select "CUBRID" as Default Database Engine, set the default database name, default table, host and username/password pair. demodb has no password by default.


8. Now, that everything is set up here is an example on how to create a report a table and its output:



If you encounter any problems or want to just see more examples, check out, ask a question on our Q&A site or post it on our forum.

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