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Kalkun Key Features


  • Multiple database backend (Currently supports CUBRID, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3)
  • Multiuser (each user have his/her own inbox, outbox, folder, and phonebook)
  • Conversation and SMS are grouped by phone number
  • Manage SMS (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items)
  • Sending SMS, by person or group
  • Scheduled SMS, by datetime or delay
  • Manage Phonebook, by person or group
  • Create signature of your message
  • Create and manage private folder
  • Quick reply, reply, forward message
  • Flash/Long SMS
  • Simple Auto Reply
  • Unicode support
  • Localization (Currently available in English, Bahasa, Czech, Portuguese, Italian and Russian Language)

Plugin :

  • Blacklist Number, block message from specific number
  • Server Alert, receive an alert whenever your service (eq: Web server, Mail server) is down
  • SMS Bomber, send bomb/spam message


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