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GestDB Key Features

GestDB is a client to access relational databases. Some of the most important features are:

  • Possibility to connect to both databases vary but are of different types.
  • Visualization of data Structures characteristics.
  • Query assistant.
  • Data export from one database type to another (example: Oracle to DB2). Database structure exporting its also allowed (create table, index, etc....).
  • Data export in plain format.
  • Data import from plain text archives and SQL scripts, from independant files or complete directories.
  • SQL commands History.
  • Automatic Opening of the opened connections on the last session.
  • Occupation statistics.
  • Multiple Tabs for SQL commands in every session.
  • Multiplatform running.
  • Java compatible (+JRE 1.6).
  • Graphical or text mode.
  • Unattended data backups (batch processes).
  • Source Code generator for JAVA, HTML, XML, VB, ASP, PHP.
  • Code formatter.
  • Allows you to generate a graph from the results of a query.
  • Filter the data retrieved.
  • Search.
  • Favorite SQL Query Management.
  • Viewing the metadata structure of a query.
  • Limit the number of records returned in a query.
  • Modifying data directly in the results table.
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