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CUBRID Data Modeling with ERwin

In this tutorial I will explain how to use ERwin Data Modeler to design, forward engineer, or derive a data model from the existing CUBRID database.

What is ERwin Data Modeler?

ERwin Data Modeler is a powerful tool for data modeling on Windows OS. You can design your database schema, create data requirements for your information system, and sync this model with the actual database. Synchronization can be both direction: from model to database and vice versa. You can also use ERwin to document your existing database very easily.

ERwin is available in several versions. Here we will be using the free community edition (CE) which provides enough set of features to be very useful. In order to download this free version, you need to register on their site.

ERwin CE supports: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, ODBC, and Sybase. In this tutorial we will connect and work with CUBRID Database Server through its ODBC driver. Follow these tutorial to get started.

  1. Configure Data Source Name for CUBRID ODBC Driver
  2. Reverse Engineering CUBRID Database with ERwin
  3. Forward Engineering a Data Model with ERwin

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