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Brig CUBRID Tutorial

Brig is a collection of cross-platform C++ header-only libraries that can be used for rapid application development for databases.

1. Install GCC compiler

2. Install CUBRID CCI Driver

3. Install Boost

4. Install brig

Running a sample program

  • Create a demodb database (
  • Create a main.cpp file like the one here: (There are several other examples in the other wiki pages)
  • On Linux run: g++ -std=c++0x -I"/opt/cubrid/include" -I"./boost_1_50_0" -I"." main.cpp -ldl
  • On Windows run: g++ -std=c++0x -I"./cubrid-cci-" -I"./boost_1_50_0" -I"." main.cpp
  • Note: Make sure that the paths for brig, boost, CUBRID include folder (or CCI driver folder) can be found within the path. Replace "./boost_1_50_0" with the absolute or relative path to the location where you have extracted boost. The same goes for the CCI driver. Optionally, you can add all the paths to the environment variables in windows or the $PATH variable in Linux.

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