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ART Key Features

ART is a lightweight, multiplatform, web based query tool and reporting environment. The following are the main features:

  • ART comes with an embedded database (HSQLDB) to store query definitions, users, privileges, databases to connect to etc. This is the ART Repository and it can use other databases to store this information e.g. CUBRID, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server.
  • Provide live data via a web browser (table/crosstab, graphs, spreadsheets, pdf)
  • Group queries/graphs in a single portal-like page (dashboards)
  • Schedule queries, publish or send results via e-mail
  • Build rules to dynamically filter query results based on user
  • Drill Down, Cached Results, Enable your information via RSS
  • Leverage on LDAP, Active Directory or other existing authentication systems
  • Simple to install, administer and use
  • Open, platform independent, free

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