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  • SIDU - incredibly Simple & Intuitive Web based SQL Client
    What do Web developers need from an SQL Client? An easy, uncluttered Web interface to execute and obtain the results for the most basic SQL queries: SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE (SIDU). This is exactly what SIDU does and stands for! Even better - SIDU do...
    SIDU (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE) is a very simple yet very intuitive Web based SQL client tool written in PHP. If you need a quick way to execute your SQL, this is the only thing you need! No installation or configuration is required. Just extract the f...
  • ART - A Lightweight Reporting Solution
    ART is a lightweight, multiplatform, web based query tool and reporting environment. SQL queries can be published in a few minutes. It supports tabular, crosstab, charts, scheduling, email alerts, drill down, among other features. Results are exportable to spreadsheet/pdf, can be ...