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    SIDU (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE) is a very simple yet very intuitive Web based SQL client tool written in PHP. If you need a quick way to execute your SQL, this is the only thing you need! No installation or configuration is required. Just extract the f...
  • ART - A Lightweight Reporting Solution
    ART is a lightweight, multiplatform, web based query tool and reporting environment. SQL queries can be published in a few minutes. It supports tabular, crosstab, charts, scheduling, email alerts, drill down, among other features. Results are exportable to spreadsheet/pdf, can be ...
  • Tadpole for DB Tools - SQL Client
    Tadpole for DB Tools is a very easy to use SQL Client written in Java (Eclipse RAP) which allows to execute queries in a Web browser. It is very useful for those users who deploy heterogeneous database servers and need to access them through a single unified interface. ...