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  • SIDU Key Features
    [SIDU (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE) Web SQL Client|SIDU] is a really nice and ease to use Web based SQL client. The following are the main features: Supports CUBRID, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases. No need to install or configure. Just extract and ...
    SIDU (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE) is a very simple yet very intuitive Web based SQL client tool written in PHP. If you need a quick way to execute your SQL, this is the only thing you need! No installation or configuration is required. Just extract the f...
  • SIDU CUBRID Tutorial
    Using SIDU to connect and run SQL in CUBRID is very easy and straightforward. No need to install or configure SIDU. Download and extract Just download the zip archive and extract into a directory accessible by your Web browser. In this tutorial we will extract i...