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  • CUBRID Data Modeling with ERwin
    In this tutorial I will explain how to use ERwin Data Modeler to design, forward engineer, or derive a data model from the existing CUBRID database. What is ERwin Data Modeler?ERwin Data Modeler is a powerful tool for data modeling on Windows OS. You can design yo...
  • DataCleaner
    DataCleaner is a data quality analysis application and a solution platform for DQ solutions. Its core is a strong data profiling engine, which is extensible and thereby adds data cleansing, transformations, enrichment, deduplication, matching and merging. Introductory announcemen...
  • JMyETL - Data Import/Export Tool
    JMyETL is a very useful Java based application that allows import/export operations on many database systems. The databases supported are CUBRID, FrontDB, Sybase ASE/ASA, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQLServer, Access and SQLite. JMyETL official website Download Online M...