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  • How to get all table names [1]
    I want to get all the names of the table via SQL querry select * from user_tables and all_tables didn't worked. let me know.,
  • Operator precedence rules [1]
    What are the operator precedence rules for the CUBRID SQL operators?
  • sql_log 관련 [1]
    큐브리드의 SQL 질의 로그는 sql_log 폴더의 broker*.sql.log, broker*.slow.log, query_editor*.sql.log, query_editor*.slow.log에 저장되는 걸로 알고 있습니다. 최대 100M까지 저장되고 만약 사이즈가 넘어가면 이전 로그가 지워지면서 최근 내용이 기록되는 형태로요. 그런데 저희가 사용하는 테이블 중에서 특정 데...
  • Error: The argument is invalid [76]
    When I execute a query "SELECT * FROM t_info" on Java application thru CUBRID JDBC, an error "The argument is invalid" popped up. I'd like to know what happened and how I handle.
  • Error: Your transaction has been unilaterally aborted by the system. [1]
    When I insert records into CUBRID DB(2008 R3.0), the following error was popped up. "ERROR CA001CUBRIDCUBRID ODBC Driver Transaction(index1, dba@localhost|20383) has been unilaterally aborted by the system" What does it mean and what can I do?
  • How can you catch an Exception in python using the CUBRIDdb driver? [79]
    I want to catch the Error exception or a specific exception using the Python driver. I saw nothing related to this in the manuals.
  • How does CUBRID handle the case sensitivity of identifiers ? [204]
    I've noticed that CUBRID is case insensitive in regards to identifiers, which goes against the SQL standard, which requires that quoted identifiers be handled in a case sensitive manner. Is this the way CUBRID does it by default or can it be changed using a setting ?
  • How can you get Collations list from the server ? [17]
    In MySQL this can be obtained using "SHOW COLLATION" query. Is there a CUBRID equivalent ?
  • How to find out if the database is case sensitive or not regarding table names ? [1]
    In MySQL, in order to find out if the database table names are case sensitive, you can use "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'lower_case_table_names' ". What's the equivalent for CUBRID ?
  • How to find out the Charset CUBRID uses ? [5]
    Hello, I want to find out the charset used in CUBRID using SQL. In MySQL it is possible to perform this operation by running "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character_set%'". Is there anything similar for CUBRID ? Best regards, Ovidiu