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  • UTF8 Support [10]
    Hi, I search in the documentaion but I do not find if utf8 character is supported and in which object (table like Mysql or database like oracle) Any help please ? Thanks a lot for all
  • Broker protocol compatibility [95]
    Hi, I think that mysql compatibility of version 3 will be to SQL level. Why do not plan a protocol compatibility ? The protocol has a good description ... r_Protocol and with this compatibility will have a MySQl ++ (normal cubrid en...
  • CUBRID MySQL PHP Compatibility library [100]
    Hi, I red documentation about this library, but I do not undersatnd WHY Cubrid developer do not create a library with the same function (name and parameter/s) to use current PHP application with Cubrid instead MySql. Than the layer, instead of 1) my php application de...
  • Bug Edit trigger ? [56]
    Hi, in demodb when I try to edit a glo_deleted_content trigger a create trigger form appears instead modify I use CUBRID Manager Version:2008 R2.2 Build id:
  • Limit operation resource for users [60]
    Hi, for a shared enviroment (like hosting one and not) will be vital to have limitation for users resource. For Mysql is possible limit select, update, connection in a hour but is only a rudimental thing and not so "serious". Immagine this : I am a DBA and I want to l...
  • RoadMap [2]
    Hi, is it possible to know the Cubrid RoadMap (after 3.0 where mysql compatibility is the main work) and the main Feature Requests in implementations (to not create a duplicate request) Thank you very much
  • Cloud db counters [167]
    Hi, what about to have a user counter to put on it the time CPU used to all operation ? This is the same concept that use IBM on mainframe or vmware with cahrgeback where you have access to full resource and ypu pay only whay use .... We triyng to do the same with Mys...
  • Installing python module in linux [3]
    I'm triying to install the python module in a debian linux distribution, I have install the python2.6-dev, the gcc and library tools and Cubrir running, then run the script: $python build I have the next error: ............ ............. /usr/local/cubrid/incl...
  • Italian translation [180]
    Hi, Browsing the code I see the language directory where is present english and Korean... eventually do you need an italian translation of it (with a bit of time) ? (Sorry I wrote in this section because in Internazionalization is not present a general index but on...