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  • CUBRID ADO.NET Driver Stable 1.0 version has been released
    Last month we announced the first beta version of official ADO.NET driver for CUBRID. Today, we are happy to announce the stable 1.0 version release of the driver. The ADO.NET driver, developed by CUBRID community contributors, has now over 70 test scenarios. ...
  • CUBRID support comes in Hibernate 4.0.0
    In addition to CodeIgniter, there is one more good news for CUBRID users. We are making friends with Hibernate! The story behind Hibernate integration is that at NHN we have a large service running on Hibernate. However, unlike other cases, in this service we us...
  • Database Sharding with CUBRID [1]
    Hi everybody! Our development team has just released the User Specs for the Sharding feature which we are going to implement this year in CUBRID. In this blog I will explain the overall plan and how the database sharding will work in CUBRID. What is Database Shardin...