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Introduction to CUBRID PHP Driver Unit Tests


There are some unit tests in directory tests. These unit tests use the PHP official unit test mechanism. The script run-tests.php is PHP official unit test tool.

Configuring the Test

Before running these unit tests, you should add the CUBRID database information on you system in

Make sure that the demodb is created in CUBRID, and set db to demodb. The "demodb" normally will be created when you install CUBRID. If you didn't install it, you can create it later. In Linux, for example, in $CUBRID/demo, run the following commands:

$ sh

Run Tests

Before run these unit tests, you should indicate which php executable to test by setting environment TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE.
Then run test codes on command line:

For example:

$ php run-tests.php cubrid_query.phpt
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