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OLEDB Connection String

The first thing we need to know in order to create a CUBRID connection is to how to build the connection string.

Looking into the CUBRID documentation (, you will find out that in order touse the CUBRID OLE DB Provider, the connection string must be built using the following "pieces":

Item Exampe/Value Description
Provider CUBRIDProvider Provider name. Do not change this value.
Data Source demodb Database name.
Location (or "localhost") The IP address of the CUBRID Broker Server.
User Id dba Database username.
Password xxxxxx User password.
Port 30000 Broker port number (typically 30000 or 33000, for more info see Connecting to a remote CUBRID Database).

For example, to connect to the demodb database, using the public user, on a local CUBRID installation, the connection string will be:

 Provider=CUBRIDProvider;Location=localhost;Data Source=demodb;User Id=public;Port=33000

Please note that in the next provider releases, you will be able to specify in the connection string additional information such as:

  • Connection encoding
  • Auto-commit mode
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