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New Document

New Feature:

  • Support new interface CUBRIDCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior)

Fixed bugs:

  • APIS-491 - ADO.NET CUBRIDConnection.Open should check whether the connection string is null and specify this issue in the exception's message
  • APIS-499 - ServerVersion will not throw exception after connection is closed, and No any information is returned
  • APIS-502 - ADO.NET There should be an exception when server/user/password is not specified in the connection string
  • APIS-514 - ADO.NET CUBRIDCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior) does not work
  • APIS-515 - ADO.NET DBNull.Value should be returned by CUBRIDCommand.ExecuteScalar() when the query result is null
  • APIS-518 - ADO.NETCUBRIDSchemaProvider .GetViews can't be got.
  • APIS-519 - ADO.NET the exception message is not accurate when call Transaction.Rollback when the connection is closed
  • APIS-646 - ADO.NET Cannot not get the ServerVersion from CUBRIDConnection
  • APIS-670 - ADO.NET CUBRIDTransaction.BeginTransaction() can not change the transaction CUBRIDIsolationLevel

Known bugs:

  • ADO.NET doesn’t support for the multiple queries/result sets execution APIS-378/APIS-668/APIS-669, it will be fixed in the future release.  


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