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Custom Error Codes For Perl Driver

The following are custom error codes for Perl driver:

Error code number Error code Error message Supported versions
-2001 CUBRID_ER_CANNOT_GET_COLUMN_INFO Cannot get column info 8.4.0/8.4.1
-2002 CUBRID_ER_CANNOT_FETCH_DATA Cannot fetch data 8.4.0/8.4.1
-2003 CUBRID_ER_WRITE_FILE Cannot write file 8.4.0/8.4.1
-2004 CUBRID_ER_READ_FILE Cannot read file 8.4.0/8.4.1
-2005 CUBRID_ER_NOT_LOB_TYPE Not a lob type, can only support SQL_BLOB or SQL_CLOB 8.4.0/8.4.1
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