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Cubrid RUBY Driver 8.4.4 release note

Changed and Enhanced Features:

  1. Add The last_insert_id() function  to the manual
  2. Add License

New Feature:

  1. APIS-370 - CUBRID python driver should support SET types (LIST/SET/MULTISET) in prepared statements
  2. APIS-371 - CUBRID python driver should coerse values given with e- or e+ to NUMERIC

Fixed bugs:

  1. APIS-291 - Ruby Driver should be able to return last insert id
  2. APIS-676 - Ruby The default con.auto_commit value should be true not false
  3. APIS-677 - Ruby The con.glo_new() function is not supported by ruby driver
  4. APIS-678 - Ruby The prepare function doesn't work properly with STRING/VARCHAR data type
  5. APIS-679 - RubyManual The stmt.affected_rows could be also used with SELECT query
  6. APIS-680 - Ruby The 'type_name' obtained from stmt.column_info doesn't returns data type of the column
  7. APIS-681 - RubyManual Oid Class should be removed from the manual since it isn't supported
  8. APIS-683 - Ruby The stmt.affected_rows doesn't work with INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE DML
  9. APIS-684 - RubyThe stmt.execute() throws an undesired error if it is called multiple times
  10. APIS-685 - RubyCannot install driver by using compile gem file from the source
  11. APIS-687 - RubyCannot install ruby driver on Windows if we haven't installed CUBRID first

Fixed bugs:

  1. APIS-272 - Cannot install CUBRID Ruby Driver on Windows.
  2. APIS-281 - Cannot install Ruby Driver on Ubuntu.
  3. APIS-296 - Cannot use Ruby Driver on Windows.

Known bugs:

  1. APIS-291 - Ruby Driver should be able to return last insert id.
  2. APIS-297 - Transactions are broken when using the Ruby Driver.
  3. Don't support ruby 1.9.x.


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