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CUBRID Perl Driver 9.1.0 release note

Changed and Enhanced Features:

  1. APIS-402: Improve the invoking of cci_disconnect().
  2. Enable cci_connect_ex(), cci_connect_with_url_ex(), escape_string() APIs for Windows platform.
  3. APIS-57: Add the support of binding NULL value.
  4. APIS-341: Add the support to insert enum type data by index.
  5. APIS-399: Update the prompt when the DBI version is lower than 1.61.
  6. APIS-442: When exporting a NULL LOB, the error msg changed to: Exporting NULL LOB is invalid
  7. Update test case to solve the error in "make test".
  8. Update the urls infomation in README.

Fixed bugs:

  1. APIS-442: Fix segment fault when exporting NULL BLOB.
  2. APIS-436: Fix the memory leak when using insert_id function in Windows platform.
  3. APIS-83: Fix the error when inquiring column_info informantion about set, multiset and sequence type.
  4. APIS-359: Fix the segment fault when exporting a non-exist row by cubrid_lob_export.
  5. APIS-465: Fix the segment fault when using cubrid_lob_export to export multiple rows.
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