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CUBRID PDO Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by CUBRID PDO driver, and will only be available when the extension has been either compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime. In addition, these driver-specific constants should only be used if you are using PDO driver. Using driver-specific attributes with another driver may result in unexpected behaviour.

PDO::getAttribute() may be used to obtain the PDO_ATTR_DRIVER_NAME attribute to check the driver, if your code can run against multiple drivers.

PDO::CUBRID_SCH_TABLEintegerGet name and type of table in CUBRID.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_VIEWintegerGet name and type of view in CUBRID.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_QUERY_SPECintegerGet the query definition of view.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_ATTRIBUTEintegerGet the attributes of table column.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_TABLE_ATTRIBUTEintegerGet the attributes of table.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_TABLE_METHODintegerGet the instance method. The instance method is a method called by a class instance. It is used more often than the class method because most operations are executed in the instance.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_METHOD_FILEintegerGet the information of the file where the method of the table is defined.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_SUPER_TABLEintegerGet the name and type of table which table inherites attributes from.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_SUB_TABLEintegerGet the name and type of table which inherites attributes from this table.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_CONSTRAINTintegerGet the table constraints.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_TRIGGERintegerGet the table triggers.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_TABLE_PRIVILEGEintegerGet the privilege information of table.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_COL_PRIVILEGEintegerGet the privilege information of column.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_DIRECT_SUPER_TABLEintegerGet the direct super table of table.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_DIRECT_PRIMARY_KEYintegerGet the table primary key.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_IMPORTED_KEYSintegerGet imported keys of table.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_EXPORTED_KEYSintegerGet exported keys of table.
PDO::CUBRID_SCH_CROSS_REFERENCEintegerGet reference relationship of tow tables.
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