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OLE DB is a set of COM-based interfaces that expose data from a variety of sources. OLE DB interfaces provide applications with uniform access to data stored in diverse information sources, or data stores. See for more details.

There are various ways to access a database using an OLE DB provider:

Using the standard Microsoft ADO .NET managed provider for OLE DB, it is easy to use ADO.NET with OLE DB data providers, namely with the CUBRID OLE DB data provider as well.

Read more about System.Data.OleDb here.

In the wiki tutorials, we will focus mainly on using the CUBRID OLE DB Data Provider via OLE DB Consumer Templates: Please note that this is the recommended way to use the CUBRID OLE DB Provider.


When developing applications using the CUBRID OLE DB Provider with Microsoft .NET, you should consider the followings:

  • If you develop multi-thread programs using ADO.NET in the management environment, you need to change the value of the ApartmentState attribute of the Thread object to an ApartmentState.STA value because the CUBRID OLE DB Provider supports only Single Threaded Apartment (STA) attributes.Without any change of given values, the default value of the attribute in the Thread object returns Unknown value, thereby causing abnormal process or errors during multi-threads programming.Currently, the CUBRID OLE DB Provider supports only the apartment threading.
  • The recommended way to access CUBRID from .NET is to use the CUBRID ADO.NET Driver see
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