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CUBRID OLEDB Driver Installation Instructions Old

The scope of this tutorial is to provide an introduction to the CUBRID OLEDB Data Provider, version 8.4.1. We will show you where to get the CUBRID OLEDB Provider library, how to setup a CUBRID connection and how to develop some simple applications, mainly using OLE DB Consumer templates.


CUBRID OLE DB Data Provider

Before you start to developing applications with CUBRID, you will need the provider library (CUBRIDProvider.dll). Make sure to download the appropiate DLL according to your CUBRID installation. You can check the CUBRID version by using the command "cubrid --version". You have several options:

Use official installer

Use the official CUBRID OLED DB Data Provider Installer. You can follow this 1 minute video tutorial to see how to install CUBRIDProvider using the installer.

Download the compiled libraries




If you choose to install it manually (by just downloading the CUBRIDProvider.dll), you need to properly register the driver before you can use it, through one of the following registration methods:

1. Download the CUBRIDProvider.tlb file from here, and make sure it is located in the same folder with the CUBRIDProvider.dll, and run the following command in that folder:

regsvr32 CUBRIDProvider.dll

2. Download the CUBRIDProvider.reg file from here, update it by specifying your own path location of the CUBRIDProvider.dll (the CUBRIDProvider.reg file you downloaded will contain by default the following location: C:\CUBRID\oledb\CUBRIDProvider.dll) and then run the following command:

regedit CUBRIDProvider.reg

Compile from source code

Checkout the code from the SVN repository:

For compiling the source code and the example in this tutorial, use Microsoft Visual Studio Express edition – you can download it from: Please make sure you download the appropriate version – 32 or 64-bit.

Compile or modify the installer

If you wish to make certain changes to our OLEDB Data Provider Installer, refer to Compiling the CUBRID OLE DB installer.

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