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CUBRID OLEDB 9.0.1.p1 QA Test Report

1.   Test Info

  • Driver Build: ODBC 9.1, OLEDB 9.1
  • Server Build: CUBRID 9.1 ( (64bit release build for linux_gnu)
  • Test Platform: Windows7 32bit, Windows XP 32bit, Windows2003 64bit
  • .Net Framework: 3.5

2.     Test Results

OLEDB Interface OK

3.     Bug status

Total 14
Closed 14
Postpone 0

4.     Function Testing

Total Pass Fail Success Rate
236 236 0 100%

5.     Issues


  1) Some CUBRID Date Type Name are not consistent with OLEDB Date Type Name. It may be ambiguous to users. We think it should be optimized. Please refer

  2) The CUBRID OLEDB Interface manual should describe the data type mapping between CUBRID and OLEDB, like the ODBC manual  It will help    user to develop with OLEDB interface more easily

  3) Some properties value of db connection should be consistent with MSDN. It will help users use CUBRID more clearly. Such   as 


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