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CUBRID Node.js Driver Documentation and Tests

The driver source code is documented using the standard jsdoc-toolkit compatible documentation tags (jsdoc-toolkit is a documentation generator for JavaScript code).

The generated documentation can be found in the code repository, under the /documentation (Github) folder. Just open the index.html file in a browser and you will immediately have access to the driver documentation.

What we recommend first of all to any user who wants to get familiar with the driver is to take a look at the code examples included with the driver code. There are:

  • Dozens of test cases showing the usage of all the driver functions
  • End-to-End scenarios demos
  • 5 web applications demos

Going through these many examples will put you on fast track to use the driver in your applications

You can find all these in the following driver code folders:

Running the test cases can be done one-by-one – see below image:


On the other hand, if you install node-unit, you can execute all of them at once (there is a \test_nodeunit folder where all the test cases are enabled to be executed with node-unit:


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