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CUBRID Python Driver 8.4.0 Release Note

Changes from 0.5.0 to 8.4.0

  1. Modified the architecture of CUBRID Python API, supported two-level interface. The high-level interface was a package, called CUBRIDdb, which respected the standard defined in the DB API 2.0 and was a wrapper around _cubrid. The low-level interface was a module, called _cubrid, which exposed nearly the entire native client interface of the database engine.
  2. Upgraded thread safety to level 2 (according to the Python DB API 2.0) as in internal project required the ability to share the module and the connection between threads.
  3. Modified the parameters of module.connect() function.
  4. Added functions Date(), Time(), Timestamp(), DateFromTicks(), TimeFromTicks() and TimestampFromTick() (according to the Python DB API 2.0) in CUBRIDdb and _cubrid.
  5. Added functions ping(), server_version(), client_version() order in _cubrid.connection to providing information about server and client.
  6. Added functions(set_autocommit() and set_islation_level()) and attributes (autocommit, isolation_level, lock_timeout and max_string_len) in _cubrid.connection to get or set the attributes of CUBRID server.
  7. Added functions insert_id() and schema_info() in _cubrid.connection.
  8. Added global constants in _cubrid, which used in the functions connection.schema_info(), connection.set_isolation_level, cursor.execute(),
  9. Added functions in _cubrid.cursor, prepare(), bind_param(), bind_lob(), execute(), affected_rows(), fetch_row(), fetch_lob(), data_seek(), num_fields(), num_rows(), row_tell(), row_seek(), result_info(), next_result().
  10. Added simple usage example as requested by many people.
  11. Modified README
  12. Added HISTORY file to the distribution.

Changed from 8.4.0 to

  1. Added support for python 2.4 and 2.5
  2. Modified cursor.next_result() function
  3. Added test case test_next_result() in
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