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CUBRID ADO.NET Driver Installation Guide


Before you start to developing .NET applications with CUBRID, you will need the CUBRID ADO.NET Data provider library (Cubrid.Data.dll). You have the options to:

  1. Download the compiled library, along with other files(for example, the help file) from:
  2. Compile it yourself from the source code; checkout the code from the SourceForge SVN repository the folder:
  3. Use the CUBRID ADO.NET Data provider Installer. This is the easiest and the recommended way to get the driver installed on your machine. The installer can be downloaded from here:  Installer

You will also need:



The CUBRID .NET Provider is 100% full-managed .NET code, and it does not rely on any CUBRID library files. This means that the usage of the driver does not require any kind of CUBRID installation or files on the local machine.

For compiling and running the CUBRID ADO.NET Tutorials, you can use Microsoft Visual C# Express edition – download it from:

Installation & Configuration

If you don't want any complications, you can install the driver by using the official Installer. Make sure that you run the installer with administrator rights.

If you choose to install using the default options (x86), the driver will be installed into this folder: C:\Program Files\CUBRID\CUBRID ADO.NET Data Provider 9.1.0.

You can also install it by yourself. Just choose the files you need and copy them to your computer, in a folder location of your choice.

Once the driver is installed, you will need to do two more things:

  • Reference the driver library from your projects (Right click on References, choose Add Reference and select the dll file found by default at C:\Program Files\CUBRID\CUBRID ADO.NET Data Provider 9.1.0\Cubrid.Data.dll):
  • Import the required namespaces:

Remember, you can always choose to install the driver into GAC 


The best way to install the driver library in GAC is to use the tblimp tool 

( and to execute:

tlbimp.exe file.dll /out:Cubrid.Data.dll /keyfile:CUBRID.snk
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