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  • Input values in column type SEQUENCE using the DBD::cubrid Perl module [190]
    I was trying to insert a value into a table column within a Perl script and using the DBD::cubrid module (v9.1.0.0001, server v9.1.0) with type SEQUENCE and it failed with: "CUBRID DBMS Error : (-494) Semantic: Cannot coerce host var to type sequence. at ... line .....
  • How to connect the Grails web application with CUBRID database? [159]
    Hi, I am creating web application with Grails web frame work. I have created the application and modify the DataSource.groovy file like this. dataSource { pooled = true driverClassName = "cubrid.jdbc.driver.CUBRIDDriver" username = "dba" password = "123" } And my environment ...
  • How to instal CUBRID server with .net aplications in windows 7 [42]
    How to use CUBRID server as a database for .NET applications on Windows server? What are all the components I need to download. What's the order of installation? Are there any tutorial to work with CUBRID? How to write procedures as in SQL? How to connect to ...
  • How can you get Server Info using Python Driver ? [9]
    I want to obtain using the Python Driver the details regarding the CUBRID server version. The MySQL driver offers get_server_info() function to perform this task. What can be done in CUBRID to obtain the information ? I saw here:
  • CUBRID 64 bit with PHP x86 on Windows 7 [11]
    Hello, I have installed CUBRID x64 bit and PHP x86 (official release) on Windows 7 64 bit. I tried to manually install the PHP API by adding the driver from here:
  • How can I translate ADO.NET Driver's localization messages? [15]
    I can see that the new CUBRID ADO.NET driver provides built-in support for localization. I would wish to translate the messages to Russian. Which files should I translate?
  • Do CUBRID PHP and PDO APIs require any dependent library? [34]
    I can see CUBRID PHP and PDO drivers are available through PECL packaging system. Can I directly install them? Or are they dependent on any external library, perhaps CUBRID's?
  • CUBRID .Net driver [56]
    Dear Experts, Is there any possibility of connecting .Net clients to CUBRID server? My server is a Windows based one. Thanks.
  • CUBRID JDBC url [1]
    What is the CUBRID JDBC URL connection string?
  • node.js driver? [4]
    Any plans for a node.js driver?