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  • How to Run a SQL Script / File
    There are several ways to run queries from a SQL file. One of the easiest ways is run scripts directly using the CSQL command line interpreter. Assuming the script you want to run is named "insert_commands.sql", the following commands should be ran within csql: ;CL ;READ in...
  • Connection Options
    When connecting to a CUBRID database, you can setup options to be used for the connection lifecycle (unless explicitly changed later): The Auto-Commit state The IsolationLevel The Connection timeout The Lock timeout For example, by default, the auto-commit is set to ON....
  • How to Enable/Disable AutoCommit Mode
    One thing anyone would want from a database is to use Transactions. In order to do so, one must know that CUBRID has autocommit enabled by default. In order to be able to use Transactions, this will need to be disabled and there are several ways to do this: CSQL Int...