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  • CRUD operations with CUBRID Perl Driver
    Here is a small Perl program which creates a foo table, inserts a couple of records, then retrieves all records from that table. To successfully run this program, make sure you have CUBRID and the Perl driver installed. In this tutorial I am using CUBRID 8.4.3 on Ubuntu 12...
  • Does the CUBRID db supports the Grails Hibernate function? [73]
    Hi I am encountering big problem with the cubrid database and grails hibernate function. I have created the domain class and the mappings as follow. class DEvent { String city String name DUser organizer String venue Date startDate Date endDate String description static ...
  • Tools that generate CUBRID code for Java [1]
    Hi! Are there any tools that could be used to automatically generate Java/JDBC code working with CUBRID? For exampe, something like: Or any tool which I can use to generate the right CUBRID java code without having to learn al...