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  • CUBRID Perl driver 9.0.0 release-note Fixed bug APIS-153: fix the segment fault when using lob_export(). APIS-289: add quote function in Perl driver
  • CUBRID 8.4.0_kr
    CUBRID 2008 R4.0 Patch 2 릴리스노트 목차 (릴리스 노트 목록으로 이동) 개요 릴리스 노트 정보 릴리스 노트 개정 내역 참고 문서 버그 리포트 및 사용자 피드백 제공 방법 안내 추가 정보 안내 CUBRID 2008 R4.0 정보 CUBRID 2008 R4.0 PATCH 2 릴리스 특징 CUBRID 2008 R4.0 PATCH 1 릴...
  • CUBRID Engine Release Note_kr
    CUBRID 2008 R4.1 Patch 6 (, 2012-08) - [cubrid-8-4_kr|릴리스 노트 목차 보기] - 한글 릴리스 노트 전문 ※ CUBRID 2008 R4.1 Patch 6는 하위 패치 버전의 수정 사항들을 모두 포함한다. - 영문 릴리스 노트 전문 CUBRID 2008 R4.1 릴리스 특징 대량의 트랜잭션 부하 테스트 시 IN...
  • CUBRID Python Driver 8.4.1 Release Note
    Changes from to APIS-91 - Fetchone get numeric data's type is not correct APIS-93 - The format of Cubrid Date/Time/Timestamp string are different from Python's
  • CUBRID ADO.NET Driver 8.4.1 Release Note
    Release Notes ============================================== February 2012 - Update for release 8.4.1 CUBRID ADO.NET Driver Version: Stable 8.4.1 CUBRID engine compatibility: 8.4.1 Online location: =======================...
  • CUBRID Python Driver Release Notes
    [CUBRID Python Driver 9.3.0 Release Note] [CUBRID Python Driver 9.2.0 Release Note] [CUBRID Python Driver 9.1.0 Release Note] [CUBRID Python Driver 9.0.0 Release Note] [CUBRID Python Driver 8.4.4 Release Note] [CUBRID Python Driver 8.4.3 Release Note...
  • CUBRID Perl Driver Release Notes
    [CUBRID Perl Driver 9.3.0 Release Note] [CUBRID Perl Driver 9.2.0 Release Note] [CUBRID Perl Driver 9.1.0 Release Note] [CUBRID Perl Driver 9.0.0 Release Note] [CUBRID Perl Driver 8.4.4 Release Note] [CUBRID Perl Driver 8.4.3 Release Note] [CUBRID ...
  • CUBRID ODBC Driver Release Notes
    [CUBRID ODBC Driver 9.3.0 Release Note] [CUBRID ODBC Driver 9.2.0 Release Note] [CUBRID ODBC Driver 9.1.0 Release Note] [CUBRID ODBC Driver 8.4.4 Release Note]
  • CUBRID ADO.NET Release Notes
    [CUBRID ADO.NET Driver 9.3.0 Release Note] [CUBRID ADO.NET Driver 9.2.0 Release Note] [CUBRID ADO.NET Driver 9.1.0 Release Note] [CUBRID ADO.NET Driver 9.0.0 Release Note] [CUBRID ADO.NET Driver 8.4.4 Release Note] [CUBRID ADO.NET Driver 8.4.3 ...
  • CUBRID Ruby Driver Release Notes
    [CUBRID RUBY Driver 9.3.0 Release Note] [CUBRID RUBY Driver 9.2.0 Release Note] [CUBRID RUBY Driver 8.4.4 Release Note] [CUBRID RUBY Driver 0.6 Release Note]