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  • CUBRID PHP 9.3.0 QA Test Report
    CUBRID PHP QA Test Report 1) Test Environment OS: Linux 64bit, Windows 32bit CUBRID Server: PHP: PHP 5.5.0, PHP 5.3.27 , PHP 5.6.3 Test Tool: PHPT Driver: cubrid-php (20141128) 2) Test Scope QA test type QA test blocki...
  • CUBRID PDO Driver
    Official CUBRID PDO Driver is available as a PECL package. It implements the PHP Data Objects (PDO) interface to enable access from PDO to CUBRID. Download Installation Instructions Latest News, Guides and Tutorials PHP specific Questions and Answers QA OK Sign ...
  • QA OK Sign - CUBRID PDO Driver
    [CUBRID PDO 9.3.0 QA Test Report]
  • cubrid-pdo-driver-release-notes
    [CUBRID PDO Driver 9.3.0 Release Notes]