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  • CUBRID Node.js 2.0 Tutorial - What’s new? (Part 1)
    Just in case you missed it - along with the CUBRID 9.1 engine stable release, we have also released the 2.0 Node.js CUBRID driver! The scope of this tutorial is to introduce some of the new features we have implemented in this new version. In this first part of the...
  • CUBRID Node.js 2.0 Tutorial – What’s new? (Part II)
    The 1st part of this tutorial was focused on the new queries queuing feature. In this 2nd part of the tutorial we will show you some other new features implemented in the 2.0 release: Support for database parameters LOB objects handling support Extended database schema suppor...
  • CUBRID Sharding with node-cubrid 2.0
    In this guide we will go through the process of setting up a CUBRID SHARD environment and using the CUBRID Node.js 2.0 driver to insert and retrieve data from the shard DB nodes. If you are not familiar with the CUBRID Node.js driver yet, check out our CUBRID ...