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  • CUBRID OLEDB Driver Release Notes
    [CUBRID OLEDB Driver 9.3.0 Release Note] [CUBRID OLEDB Driver 9.2.0 Release Note] [CUBRID OLEDB Driver 9.1.0 Release Note] [CUBRID OLEDB Driver 8.4.4 Release Note]
  • cubrid-php-driver-8-4-3-release-note Fixed bug APIS-194: cubrid_fetch_row and cubrid_fetch_array can't fetch results after added CUBRID_LOB option. APIS-196: Return value of cubrid_column_types() is unknown when the column is set(list). APIS-268: Modify PARAM_LOCK_TIMEOUT of cubrid_set_db_parameter. A...
  • CUBRID PHP Driver 8.3.1 Release Note Changed and Enhanced Features: According to mysql_fetch_field, Add 4 properties(primary_key blob unsigned zerofill) in cubrid_fetch_field Add two functions, cubrid_pconnect and cubrid_pconnect_with_url, to support the persistent connection like mysql_pconnect Add a...
  • CUBRID OLEDB Tutorials
    Installation Instructions [CUBRID OLEDB Driver Installation Instructions] Latest News & Announcements Beta version of CUBRID 8.4.1 OLEDB Driver is now available! Guides and Tutorials [CUBRID OLEDB Overview] [OLEDB Connection String] Configuring Connection ...
  • QA OK Sign - CUBRID OLEDB Driver
    [CUBRID OLEDB 9.3.0 QA Test Report] [CUBRID OLEDB QA Test Report] [CUBRID OLEDB 9.0.1.p1 QA Test Report] [CUBRID OLEDB 9.0.1.p2 QA Test Report] [CUBRID OLEDB 8.4.4 QA Test Report]
  • CUBRID ODBC Driver 9.3.0 Release Note Changed and Enhanced Features: The driver is support cubrid version 8.4.1,8.4.3 ,8.4.4,9.1.0, 9.2.0 and 9.3.0 Fixed bugs: [APIS-706] - [ODBC] Can't support SQLConfigDataSource(ODBC_ADD_DSN) Known bugs: ODBC does support CUBRID 9.3.0 shard db
  • Executing a SELECT query with CUBRID Python driver
    Here is a simple Python program which executes a SELECT query against a demodb database installed on a localhost. import CUBRIDdb conn = CUBRIDdb.connect('CUBRID:localhost:33000:demodb:::', 'dba', '') cur = conn.cursor() cur.execute('SELECT * FROM code') rows = cur.fetchal...
  • Cubrid Python driver 9.0.0 release-note Fixed bug NOISSUE: Not use two connect_ex and new excape_string functions in Windows platform, because the cascci.lib doesn't export these functions.
  • Installing CUBRID Python Driver using apt-get (Ubuntu)
    To install CUBRID Python Driver using apt-get, we need to add CUBRID's repository so that Ubuntu knows where to download the packages from, and then tell the OS to update its indexes. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cubrid/cubrid sudo apt-get update First install CUBRID if yo...
  • [Solved] Python: ImportError: No module named CUBRIDdb
    Today I encountered this "ImportError: No module named CUBRIDdb" error when trying to install and use the Python driver for CUBRID 8.4.3 on CentOS 5.6 x64. To install the driver I followed Create a CUBRID Database VM with Vagrant and Chef Cookbook under 5 minut...