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  • CUBRID OLEDB Driver Release Notes
    [CUBRID OLEDB Driver 9.3.0 Release Note] [CUBRID OLEDB Driver 9.2.0 Release Note] [CUBRID OLEDB Driver 9.1.0 Release Note] [CUBRID OLEDB Driver 8.4.4 Release Note]
  • cubrid-php-driver-8-4-3-release-note Fixed bug APIS-194: cubrid_fetch_row and cubrid_fetch_array can't fetch results after added CUBRID_LOB option. APIS-196: Return value of cubrid_column_types() is unknown when the column is set(list). APIS-268: Modify PARAM_LOCK_TIMEOUT of cubrid_set_db_parameter. A...
  • QA OK Sign - CUBRID OLEDB Driver
    [CUBRID OLEDB 9.3.0 QA Test Report] [CUBRID OLEDB QA Test Report] [CUBRID OLEDB 9.0.1.p1 QA Test Report] [CUBRID OLEDB 9.0.1.p2 QA Test Report] [CUBRID OLEDB 8.4.4 QA Test Report]
  • CUBRID ODBC Driver 9.3.0 Release Note Changed and Enhanced Features: The driver is support cubrid version 8.4.1,8.4.3 ,8.4.4,9.1.0, 9.2.0 and 9.3.0 Fixed bugs: [APIS-706] - [ODBC] Can't support SQLConfigDataSource(ODBC_ADD_DSN) Known bugs: ODBC does support CUBRID 9.3.0 shard db
  • Executing a SELECT query with CUBRID Python driver
    Here is a simple Python program which executes a SELECT query against a demodb database installed on a localhost. import CUBRIDdb conn = CUBRIDdb.connect('CUBRID:localhost:33000:demodb:::', 'dba', '') cur = conn.cursor() cur.execute('SELECT * FROM code') rows = cur.fetchal...
  • Cubrid Python driver 9.0.0 release-note Fixed bug NOISSUE: Not use two connect_ex and new excape_string functions in Windows platform, because the cascci.lib doesn't export these functions.
  • Installing CUBRID Python Driver using apt-get (Ubuntu)
    To install CUBRID Python Driver using apt-get, we need to add CUBRID's repository so that Ubuntu knows where to download the packages from, and then tell the OS to update its indexes. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cubrid/cubrid sudo apt-get update First install CUBRID if yo...
  • CUBRID OLEDB Driver Installation Instructions
    The scope of this tutorial is to provide an introduction to the CUBRID OLEDB Data Provider. We will show you where to get the CUBRID OLEDB Provider library, how to setup a CUBRID connection and how to develop some simple applications, mainly using OLE DB Con...
  • CUBRID ODBC Driver Installation Instructions
    If you want to use CUBRID as a data source for your Windows applications using the ODBC Driver, this article will help you achieve this. Notice: If your CUBRID ODBC Driver version is 9.1.0.p1 or later, only one installation package is needed for both Windows 32 bi...
  • [Solved] Python: ImportError: No module named CUBRIDdb
    Today I encountered this "ImportError: No module named CUBRIDdb" error when trying to install and use the Python driver for CUBRID 8.4.3 on CentOS 5.6 x64. To install the driver I followed Create a CUBRID Database VM with Vagrant and Chef Cookbook under 5 minut...