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  • pythoon 드라이버 업데이트 요청
    pythoon 드라이버 업데이트 요청 드립니다. django 로 개발 하려는데. 마지막 배포 하신 것은 파이썬 2.x 대에 django 1.6.11 버전에서 까지만 작동 하더군요.. python 3.4 이상이고, django 1.7.x 에서 사용 할수 있는 드라이버를 만들어 주셨으면 좋겠습니다. ^^
  • How can you get CUBRID system parameters using SQL ? [1]
    In CSQL you can use the following function: ;Get system_parameter - get the value of a system parameter. I need the same output as ";Get ansi_quotes" and ";Get no_backslash_escapes" in either SQL or using the Python Driver. Basically, I need to know if ansi_quotes and no_backslas...
  • How can you get the transaction isolation level in CUBRID ? [160]
    Hello, I tried running the command "GET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL;" in CUBRID Manager and Python Driver. I followed the example below: Instead of getting the result, in Python Driver I ob...
  • How can you get Server Info using Python Driver ? [9]
    I want to obtain using the Python Driver the details regarding the CUBRID server version. The MySQL driver offers get_server_info() function to perform this task. What can be done in CUBRID to obtain the information ? I saw here: