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  • Error while connecting to DB via CUBRID manager. [1]
    Hello, I am new to CUBRID. I have installed DB, CUBRID manager, JAVA. I had set the path and classpath system variables but when I try to connect to DB using CUBRID manager, I am getting following error "There is no supported JDBC driver in your system. Please chec...
  • Error: The argument is invalid [76]
    When I execute a query "SELECT * FROM t_info" on Java application thru CUBRID JDBC, an error "The argument is invalid" popped up. I'd like to know what happened and how I handle.
  • How can you get the query string from a CUBRIDPreparedStatement? [82]
    According to other websites, you can obtain the query string for a PreparedStatement using its toString method: For CUBRID however, it only displays: cubrid.jdbc.driver.CUBRIDPreparedStatement@500b73e5 Is ...
  • Java Stored Procedure: Invalid call: it can not return ResultSet [79]
    I am running the following example in my cubrid database. function: create function rset() return cursor as language java name 'JavaSP2.TResultSet() return java.sql.ResultSet' Stored procedure: public static class JavaSP2 { public static ResultSet TResultSet(){ try{ Class.forName("cubrid.j...
  • How to make JDBC driver fail faster if server is down? [75]
    When trying to connect a server which is down, CUBRID hangs for a long time (at least several minutes) before finally reporting that the host cannot be reached. This is quite annoying when testing. Is there a way to make it respond faster? Setting a timeout? For exa...
  • JDBC: Cannot coerce host var to type nchar [177]
    I created a test table with all *char types supported by CUBRID. When using JDBC to persist a row in which each column is set to a string value containing only uppercase latin letters (e.g. char_col=KFX, varchar_col=J, nchar_col=XZDFOY, nchar_varying_col=YYCY), I get the...
  • CUBRID JDBC url [1]
    What is the CUBRID JDBC URL connection string?
  • Multiple CUBRID Instances [85]
    I can see in jdbc help manual that you can login to alternative servers. Can multiple instances of CUBRID run on the same machine? Also, can you please describe the setup?
  • Tools that generate CUBRID code for Java [1]
    Hi! Are there any tools that could be used to automatically generate Java/JDBC code working with CUBRID? For exampe, something like: Or any tool which I can use to generate the right CUBRID java code without having to learn al...