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  • How to use altHost with driver? [17]
    CUBRID CCI driver can use altHosts option via cci_connect_with_url function. JDBC and PHP drivers have similar function that can be used in HA environment. But I can't find a method in ADO.NET driver that allows to use altHosts. Is there a method that can conn...
  • How to make JDBC driver fail faster if server is down? [75]
    When trying to connect a server which is down, CUBRID hangs for a long time (at least several minutes) before finally reporting that the host cannot be reached. This is quite annoying when testing. Is there a way to make it respond faster? Setting a timeout? For exa...
  • How to add alternative hosts to a connection string in ADO.NET? [2]
    In CUBRID it is possible to indicate alternative hosts (brokers) in the connection string as a measurement for broker fail-over. JDBC manual provides an example for this. However, I could not find a way to pass alternative hosts to ADO.NET connection string. How can ...